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It’s never overdone, ‘too much’ or exxagerated when a top athlete has a blessure and takes rest. No matter how long the pause or how intensive the retreat is. It’s often even logical and anyone would advise you to take a rest when you’re physically strained.

But why is it that we’re often referring to meditation, yoga, inner connection, therapy as being   something wishy washy? It’s as if hard work (yang) is our norm, where as working on inner health and ‘just being’ (yin) is something we just take for granted. There’s no time for that.

At a young age we’re wired to run for succes, find a job in which we can accelerate, grow, stand out. Once we’re up and running it becomes normal to say we’re busy. Our packed agendas are proof of our productivity and a road block to our spontaneity. Standing still and failing is still a sign of weakness, instead of an acknowledgement of growth.

Age 28 I realised I’m running since I’m 8 years old. First as a debater at the Child Council, later for the Dutch Youth Council and as a board member. At the same time I started my acting career. At first in theater (Turks voor Beginners) where I’d physically transfer myself through the country with an entire crew for years, later from a set location for daily TV shows (Spangas) and cinema screenings (Gangster Boys, ’N Beetje Verliefd). Coming across myself and the impact of media on someones personal life I decided to start a study, parallel to my work at WeTransfer. It was at this company I grew from being an actress to being an all-round marketing person.

Age 28 I realised my body and mind were trying to telling me I shouldn’t run for a while. But being used to this pace for over 15 years (during my youth I got A-level education so I really had to be good at multitasking) I thought the sickness, the mind chaos, the temper were just things on their own. And to be fair: I had no idea where to start, to stand still. 

With my pure faith in ‘how things go’ my path led me to a full stop: I took off to Bali and travelled with only myself and my backpack. Very Eat Pray Love, I know. Took the book with me as well. During my journey I started to bundle all the lessons I’ve learned: during my youth, my career and on the island as well. I decided to capture it all, for the moment I would feel lost again.

And as things go, my path crossed that of three amazing women and now: here’s my book.

It’s a bundle of my lessons learned and divided in three parts: my personal experience, a piece of theory and excersises. It’s nothing scientific. It’s not a self-help. It’s my story and I hope it will have the same impact on you: to start a journey with yourself. Because you just rock.

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Inspiration List

Thanks to Rushkoff's 'Present Shock' I was able to integrate a more productive and calm lifestyle, opening doors to a writers existence for a while. Here's a list of everything that helped me be and got me grounded to my inner core.

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Moon Calendar

Sometimes I wake up feeling so anxious or sad without any clear reason. In my book I discuss ignoring emotion and how your body processes these unconsciously. With certain moon days our bodies react - at least that's my own empiric analysis.


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