Brand Philosophy

You must have heard of branding: the process of building a unique product or image in order to develop a differentiating position within its market. 

I believe in branding but overall I believe in Philosophy: questioning, fantasizing and critically playing with ones core product and personality. My method will help you disclose this.

The future is not a destination, but it's a direction.
Stephen Covey


Brand Strategy

We're never done learning and to keep on growing it's important to have a clear image on where we come from, a well articulated purpose of where we are now in order to reach our envisioned future.

With my media and start-up experience I'm in the know of all the Do's and Maybe Not's in highly accelerating teams, how to build the culture from the core and when to start drafting conceptual and operational guidelines for ones brand.

Still out of Fat op de Wereld

Still out of Fat op de Wereld

Motivational Speaker

My passion is to entertain, connect, talk, re-connect and transmit stories and learnings. I believe in the power of human interaction: the more we share where we come from, the more enriched one can become.


As a protagonist my aim is to translate and articulate a message from sender to receiver through the right medium. Started with my own video channel I've developed content creation, from concept to execution (incl the experience of 150 partnerships of last couple years).