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By Tatjana Almuli

Nice to meet!

With a career in media, storytelling and more marketing I've reinvented myself as a (brand) philosopher on topics about our transmedial landscape and the impact it has on our human nature. 

Unintentionally my path led me trough a career in acting, from theatre to cinema to daily tv-shows. During the impersonation of multiple characters my interest got caught by the impact of specific characters I had to portray. Researching stereotypes, orientalism and media studies I chose to start studying at the University of Amsterdam instead of enrolling to an acting education. Before deciding this I had tested my acting career interests in New York at the Stella Adler Academy. 

During my study I decided to find a job on the side which brought me to an international acclaimed start-up (WeTransfer). The company gave me the entire freedom to develop into multiple branches of the company. Over a couple years I've set up over 150 partnerships, produced 5 great evens, won 1 SIA award for the DearDTLA project and so much more.

After my hiatus I've reconnected with my own inner core and I've gained outer control, on waht I truly came to do in this cluttered, info-overloaded and fast paced world. I'm on a mission of inner connect for outer control, using storytelling, branding, visualising and presenting. Both for individuals as for company. 

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